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Our family came to Canada from Montbéliard, France arriving in Halifax on the
"Betty" in 1753. After working off their passage, helping to build the Halifax Citadel and being the first registered marriage at Saint Paul's Church, the Boutiliers' built their new home in Lunenburg County. For nine generations we have lived by the sea. During the past two generations we have married men from away.

The Southwells' hailed from Gascony, France arriving in Britain with William the Conqueror in 1066 A.D. Sir John de Southwell, Seneschal of Gascony was granted Bordeaux Castle by Edward the 1st in 1285 A.D. Generations of Southwells' sailed the seven seas out of Britain and Ireland, in company of Sir Francis Drake and the like. They produced industry in the industrial heartlands of Britain. In 1947 one young Brit of lively character, came to Canada.

The Sanfts' left Hessen, Germany traveling to Russia, to farm and harvest grapes, During the reign of "Catherine The Great". In 1911 just prior to the Russian Revolution they immigrated to the Canadian Prairies. In 1917 Frederick Sanft was lured west to the gold fields of British Columbia and spent his 83 years in search of mining prospects. Daniel Sanft married a Maritime girl who longed to go home, so he took his love for farming and wine making east to Lunenburg County.

Our three generation family farm operates a winery & commercial blueberry farm on a drumlin surrounded by lakes & forests, near the North Branch of the LaHave River. Wine making has been an integral part of our family life and enjoyment for as long as anyone remembers.