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"Lunenburg County Winery Blueberry Wine catches the flavor of blueberry jam,
even the leafy-mint smell familiar to anyone who has foraged the blueberry patch."

David Lawrason
The Globe and Mail
Uncorking Canada's high-tech fruit wines
August 1st, 1998.

Fruit Wines

Blueberry QC medium2008 Port of WinesTop Fruit Wine
2002 Port of WinesSilver
2001 Port of WinesGold
2001, 1999, 1997, 1996 International Intervin   Bronze
1998 All CanadaBronze
Oakhill Blueberry Dry2007 Port of WinesPlatinum
Indian Fall Blueberry Sweet2005 Port of WinesPlatinum
Sambucus Canadensis QC2006 Port of WinesPlatinum
2003 All CanadianGold
2002 Fruit Wines of CanadaBronze
Montbeliard Pear QC2004 Port of WinesPlatinum
1998, 2003 All CanadianBronze
Razilly's Raspberry QC2003 All CanadianSilver
1999 All CanadianBronze
Honey Moon QC Medium1998 All CanadianSilver
Honey Moon QC Dry1998 All CanadianSilver
Oxbells & Fireflies Maple QC1998 International IntervinSilver
Birchtown Blackcurrant QC2001 Fruit Wines of CanadaBronze
1999 International IntervinSilver
Bear River Cherry QC2002 Port of WinesBronze
Fundy Peach QC2009 Port of WinesTop Fruit Wine
2001 International IntervinBronze
Sou'wester Strawberry2001 International IntervinBronze
Lake Rossignol Cranberry QC2001 Fruit Wines of CanadaBronze

Grape Wines

Mushamush Muscat2001 All Canadian Silver
1999 All CanadianSilver
1999 Port of WinesBronze
Isabelle Muscat1999 All CanadianSilver
Black Dragon River Michurnietz2003 All CanadianGold